Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grilling Tips

  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, DRY YOUR FISH! Place 2-3 paper towels on a plate, lay your fish on the towels, and pat dry both sides until there is NO moisture on the surface of the fish. Repeat as necessary!
  • Lightly oil your fish with a neutral-flavor cooking oil that has a high smoke point. (Grape seed oil is Kevin’s favorite, but you can also use canola oil, or rice oil)
  • Avoid Olive Oil at all costs! It has a very low smoke point, and when it gets too hot it will actually add a bitter olive flavor to your fish!
  • Season fish evenly with salt and pepper on both sides!
  • Make sure your grill is very clean. A light coating of oil on the grates will help reduce "stickage".
  • Be sure the grill is hot before placing fish on the grates. When you place your fish on the grill it should sizzle, if there is no sizzle remove fish and wait for your grill to get hotter!
  • Baste or brush fish with lemon and butter (or any other marinade) while it is cooking.
  • Admire the sizzle and smoke of your hot grill!
  • Turn the fish only once. Resist the urge to flip repeatedly. When turning your fish (for the one and only time) place it on a new section of grill. That way you have a sizzle again!
  • Use a wide flat spatula to handle your fish. Avoid tongs, leave those for hot dogs!
  • As a general rule, cook fish for a total of about eight minutes per inch of thickness (Use less time for med-rare fish!)!

And finally, enjoy your delicious meal with friends and family!

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