Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Local White Sea Bass, The Prime Rib of the Ocean

Just in time for the Grilling Season, the ocean’s own version of prime rib is now available. Local White Sea bass is a meaty fish with large flakes and a fine texture. The species comes from a sustainable, well-managed stock right off the coast of California. For a beautiful, hypnotic video of schools of sea bass swimming through our off-shore kelp forests, enjoy this link

Local White Sea Bass has been given a “best choice” rating from the Monterey Aquarium. The population, which was once low due to over-fishing, has been brought back to healthy, sustainable levels thanks to the efforts of state run hatcheries and a rigorously enforced quota system.

Local fishermen consider this to be one of the best-eating fish from the sea - certainly one of the tastiest from off the coast of California. It is ideal for outdoor cooking, but is also delicious pan-seared or broiled. This fish serves as a great substitute in recipes calling for swordfish, tuna, or shark.

The White Seabass is a gun-metal silver color, and has white flesh with a dark red muscle running through its center line. A member of the drum family, the fish makes a loud clicking noise when threatened or distressed. It also uses this sound as radar when hunting its prey.

Native Americans along the coast of California greatly prized the White Sea Bass, so much so that they used to use its ear bones as currency!

Don’t miss the opportunity to try this delicious, versatile fish. The season begins in June. We will have fillets available throughout the summer and into the fall. Be sure to try Local White Sea Bass the next time you plan to grill. You won’t be disappointed!

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